Combination Sewer Cleaning Machine


Our “Standard” Package Comes Fully Loaded

  • Hydraulically Operated, Front-mounted Hose Reel

  • Operating Controls in Front

    • Vac-Con®'s control panel is simple and easy to use.

    • The Standard control panel eliminates the need for dual controls.
  • Hose Rewind Guide

  • Connection for High-Pressure handgun

  • Polyethylene Water Tanks, Low Center of Gravity

    • Vac-Con® water tanks are there for the long haul

    • Constructed of durable cross-linked polyethylene, these tanks won't deteriorate from the elements either inside or outside the tanks.
      We are so confident we offer a standard ten-year warranty.

  • High Capacity Water Pump

    • Variety of flows & pressures

    • Front Drain Valves

    • Air Purge

    • Relief's

    • Simple, user friendly operation & service

    • Smooth Pressure
  • Lubrication Chart

  • Debris Body Dump Control on Side of Truck

  • Centrifugal Compressor with Welded, Corten® Steel Fans

    • Vac-Con®'s unique 3-stage compressor simply loads faster than any other fan on the market. Increasing both vertical and horizontal pull,
      sthis powerful system makes even the toughest jobs like underwater vacuuming possible and is backed by a five-year warranty.

  • Centrifugal Separator & Clean-out

    • Dual ports inside the tank (stainless steel)

    • Vacuum breaker ducting

    • Centrifugal separator (note fallout of material)

  • Hinged Door, Fully Opening

    • Full opening rear door, hinged at the top.

    • Deflector shield protects door from wearing and helps in separation of solids and liquids, and aids in draining.
  • Hydraulic Door Locks & Grabber

    • The debris body has over (5) externally mounted door locks that lock hydraulically, with one manual "T" bolt installed for operator safety.
      The hydraulic locks are controlled by one hydraulic cylinder externally mounted for ease of service.

    • Each lock is fully adjustable. A hydraulic grabber is installed and controlled by one
      hydraulic cylinder.

    • The hydraulic locks and grabber are operated by one (1) sequential control.

  • Butterfly Drain Valve & Hose

  • Corten® Steel Debris Tank

    • Corten® Steel Debris Tank is more durable and resists rust and corrosion

    • All Vac-Con® debris tanks are made of Corten® steel, a high strength, low-alloy developed and proven in vacuum loader applications to resist corrosion and abrasion.
      The debris tank door is securely fastened by hydraulic door locks and is controlled from the side of the truck for optimum safety and it is backed by a five-year warranty.

  • External Load Indicator

  • Exclusive Automatic Vacuum Breaker Shut Off System

    • 3 Function System

    • External Indicator

    • Operator Station Controlled

    • Parking Brake

    • Cylinder & Spring - All One

    • A full indication activates an automatic vacuum breaker shut down system that completely shuts down 100% of the airflow to the vacuum system to prevent body overfilling and wastewater discharge into the atmosphere.

    • The vacuum breaker system is automatically activated (closed) when the parking brake system is released to eliminate carryover during transit.

    • The system is also controlled, activated, at the front hose reel control station and pendant control. This enables the operator to pick up large debris
      with the boom and place it on the road surface. This system is used for safety in the event suction must be shut off in case of an emergency.

  • Auxiliary Engine for Independent Water System Operation

    • Vac-Con®'s unique 2-engine design uses the chaises engine to drive the vacuum where you really need the power. And the auxiliary engine for the water system
      delivers continuous, complete water recirculation when you're in motion or resting. This 2-engine design allows the convenience of truly independent vacuum and water system operation.

  • Hydraulic Boom Rotates up to 270 degrees

    • With Vac-Con®, the boom rotates 270 degrees and telescopes up to 6 feet or 10 feet

    • Vac-Con®'s 10 feet boom provides the longest extension in the industry!

  • Weather-Tight Tool Boxes with Locks

    • Vac-Con® offers plenty of tool storage on all type of units supplied.

    • 850 Gallon 13" x 16" x 72" side mounted tool boxes are standard on units supplied with 850 gallons of fresh water capacity.

    • 1000 Gallon 35" x 14" x 36" side mounted tool boxes are standard on units supplied with 1000 gallons of fresh water capacity.

    • 1300 and 1500 Gallon 16" x 42" x 96" full width storage box located behind the cab is supplied on units with 1300 and 1500 gallons
      of fresh water capacity. This box is also standard equipment on 5 cubic yard units with 1000 gallons of fresh water capacity.

    • This storage box can be supplied as optional equipment on units where it is not standard equipment.
  • Transport Cradle for Boom