Heil's KwikLift roll-off hoist is the cable hoist companion to the DuaLift hoist system. The KwikLift roll-off hoist has found followers among haulers who need only cable hoist production, but also demand the ultimate in speed, strength, and versatility. Plus, it offers safety features not found on other roll-off hoists.

One such feature is increased visibility during operation. Typically, a roll-off truck operator must deal with visual obstructions from the hoist frame, reeving cylinders, and hoist mechanism. The KwikLift cable hoist eliminates these obstructions with its center-mounted cylinder and traveling carriage design, leaving a clearer view between the hoist rails and enabling the operator to view the roll-off container and lifting operation.

The KwikLift's free cable length is an extraordinarily long 10 feet. This is achieved by the action of the traveling carriage, which is hydraulically powered to travel the entire length of the hoist. Because the cable sheave is attached to the carriage, every foot of carriage travel — either extending or retracting — produces two feet of cable movement.