What do you get when you combine one of the most productive refuse collection bodies in the industry with the most advanced automated arm? A true performer — Heil’s Liberty!

By integrating our time-tested Continuous Pack body with the patented technology of the Python arm, Heil has created a refuse collection body with proven reliability and unsurpassed speed.

The Continuous Pack body has been a customer favorite for more than 35 years, far and away the most popular ever produced. This remarkable side loader will accommodate trash collection routes of almost any size, with seven models ranging from 16 to 32 cubic yards. Our patented paddle packer design continuously sweeps the hopper, so there’s no need to stop and pack the load. And, because there’s no packer panel to slide into the body, the need for shoes, guide tracks, guide rails, and internal body parts is eliminated — as is the need to clean out behind the packer.