HalfPack Odyssey

This front loader features a refined hydraulic and electronic control system for maximum efficiency, reliability and precise control. The Commercial Odyssey also has a single, easy-to-use joystick that requires minimal effort to operate, which saves time and increases productivity.

This unit has a single, easy-to-use joystick that maximizes ergonomics by requiring minimal effort to operate and increases productivity. It is also equipped with an Insight Display, an in-cab display that provides real-time feedback, as well as optimal operator control. The operator can look to one place for all of the information he needs on the body of the truck. Also, the Insight display offers maintenance personnel advanced troubleshooting features. This not only makes the operator more efficient, but also reduces downtime and maintenance.

Streetwise Hydraulics, Heil's exclusive "clean front head," relocates the hydraulic body valve from the front head to under the side of the body. This design reduces the influence of exhaust heat on the hydraulic components, as well as improving access to the valve bodies. This improves safety and reliability while reducing downtime. The Cortex controller with Insight Display - the brain or our system - is a rugged mobile controller that delivers intelligence and precision. Utilizing a mobile controller and placing it in a protected location gives us the intelligence we need and the durability our customers demand.

The Odyssey Commercial has interlocking cross-members and long-members that form a rock solid foundation for the body, delivering unmatched durability and longevity. This allows for more uptime, longer equipment life, and a higher resale value. A load-sensing piston pump controls hydraulic flow, intelligently delivering proper oil amounts as required. This increases efficiency, reduces fuel consumption, decreases hydraulic system temperatures, and contributes to low Total Cost of Ownership.