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Whether you process 15 tons of recyclables per day, or 150, Heil of Texas and NEXGEN has the equipment and expertise to help you design the most efficient and cost-effective process for your Material Recovery Facility or recycling center.

Heil of Texas and NEXGEN offer complete MRF solutions including:
Glass Clean-Up System The Glass Clean-Up System is designed to remove shredded fiber, dirt and debris from a 2-1/2” (-) br... read more on the Glass Clean-Up System
Metering bins Metering Bin is a highly effective method of feeding residential Single Stream and/or commercial fib... read more on the Metering bins
MultiSort MultiSort System uses high-speed infrared detection technology and precise color sensing technology ... read more on the MultiSort
New Sorter NewSorter automatically separates old newsprint from mixed paper and rigid containers. The tri-shape... read more on the New Sorter
OCC Separator The Separator automatically separates old corrugated containers from other fiber, various plastic an... read more on the OCC Separator
Polishing Screen The Polishing Screen is the industry’s most effective separator of fiber and containers. It has the ... read more on the Polishing Screen
Sorting Platforms read more on the Sorting Platforms
SpydIR The SpydIR is an advanced infrared sorting system which separates selected polymers from a mixed str... read more on the SpydIR
Stairways read more on the Stairways
Stationary Compactors read more on the Stationary Compactors
System Design and Installation read more on the System Design and Installation
Transfer Trailers read more on the Transfer Trailers
Windshifter The Windshifter consists of a recirculation fan, a separation unit and a combi-separator. It’s the p... read more on the Windshifter
Workstation Enclosures read more on the Workstation Enclosures

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