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ATLAS Non-Ferrous Horizontal Balers
The ATLAS Series is the most affordable, highly efficient, mid-size balers for non-ferrous scrap. With heavy-duty and stress engineered construction, the Atlas offers superior size to weight ratio to meet the demands of scrap baling applications. The specially designed bolt-on and replaceable body and ram shear blades provide optimum performance and ease of maintenance which eliminates precutting of most materials.

The ATLAS ET™ (Extra Tough) features 400F liners and S-7 hardened steel ram and body shear blades for even tougher application requirements! Facilities baling from one to three tons of aluminum and steel cans, aluminum and copper wire, aluminum siding, extrusion, radiators, etc. are reaping big benefits from the ATLAS Non-Ferrous Baler.
Vertical tie-off for baling a variety of materials without pre-processing — 6 tie positions.
Full Penetration ram for maximum compaction that fully ejects the bales.
Wire guides for quick and easy ties — tie-through bale chamber door.
Programmable, UL listed, controller permits automatic or manual cycling.
High efficiency power unit.
Hopper with access door and interlock.
Electrical disconnect.
Bolt-on, replaceable body and ram shear blades.
Dual interlock on bale chamber door.
Hydraulic door latch.
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