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Liberty, one of the most productive bodies in the industry now comes with the most advanced automated arm in the world! The Python® automated arm is further evidence of Heil’s leadership in automated technology. It’s a product of more than two years of research, development and refinement — and an equal amount of time on the job. The Python® is the fastest, smoothest, most maintenance-friendly automated arm in the world. Python’s® 6-second lift cycle can save you up to an hour a day on an average route. That can add up to savings of more than $15,000 per truck – per year! Python® has a 9-foot reach. Its speed prevents spillage and the unique geometry of the lift action returns the cart with its lid closed. Since the Python® operates in-gear, at-idle, you’ll finish routes up to 20 percent sooner and save up to a gallon of fuel per hour. Strong, fast and quiet. Python’s® 3-inch John Deere cushioned cylinders allow it to operate more smoothly, saving wear on the chassis and lift arm. Its enclosed oil-bath gearbox and hardened grabber gears virtually eliminate grabber gear wear. Low Maintenance Cost: John Deere Cylinders - premium quality, very few failures. 3-Inch Progressive Cushions, less stress on lift & chassis. Line-Bored Bearing Journals - precision fit for bearings. Oil-Bath Gear Box - no wear seen yet on grabber gears. Operate-In-Gear-At-Idle - saves wear on all components. Air-Over-Hydraulic Controls - eliminates electrical concerns. Longest Life of Any Automated Lift. The body is easily serviced, because all hydraulic cylinders are accessible from ground level. The packer cylinder is located under the body to protect it from refuse contamination. And while other bodies need four cylinders to raise and lower the tailgate, the Continuous Pack body needs only two. Additional maintenance-friendly features include longer-wearing bearings, precision line-bored bearing journals and air-over-hydraulic controls. Continuous Packing Productivity: Easily handles a variety of containers from 30 to 96 gallons, depending on grabber options. Packer paddle continuously sweeps the hopper to allow container dumping at any time. Productivity is enhanced because the operator does not have to pause to activate the packer, but can continue to collect his route. The Continuous Pack body is constructed of high tensile steel (1/2 inch thick in the hopper floor and wall and 7-gauge 50,000-psi in the body floor). The body floor is supported by 10-inch structural channel longmembers. The Continuous Pack body has proven itself for 29 years. Heil has put more than 4,000 on the road — far and away the most popular automated body ever produced, and for good reason. It’s one tough customer. This remarkable body will accommodate just about any size route, with seven sizes ranging from 16 to 32 cubic yards. Its patented paddle packer design continuously sweeps the hopper, so there’s no need to stop and pack your load. Since there’s no packer panel to slide into the body, the need for shoes, guide tracks, guide rails and internal body parts is eliminated, and you never have to clean out behind the packer. We made Rapid Rail more “rapid” by adding the Python® automated arm.
Save 3-4 seconds per stop, which can mean an hour per day.
Annual savings estimated at $15,000 per year.
9-foot reach goes where other lifts can’t.
Standard unit can handle a variety of carts from 30 to 96 gallons, depending on grabber options.
BELOW GRADE LEVEL option is ideal for hilly terrain. Operators will not have to exit cab as often to reposition carts, saving time and money. Note: Cannot be used with 300 gallon carts
625 lbs load capacity at full reach.
Up to 1,250 lbs load capacity at 2-6 feet.
Close-in pickups are no problem for the CP Python, with its unique straight-to-the-hopper lift path.
Productivity = 1,600 homes/day.
Fastest Automated Lift in the Industry.
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