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DuraPack® Python®
The DuraPack® Python® is Heil’s newest automated collection vehicle – a premium lift system with the features most requested by automated users. The Python™ redefines automated technology. Its ultra smooth action, extended reach, low maintenance features, and simple operation sets a new standard for productivity and durability. We started with a “blank sheet of paper” when we asked our customers to challenge our engineers to develop a better automated lift. Given Heil’s long standing leadership role in automated technology, the challenge was a daunting task. But Heil ingenuity delivered. The result is a collection system that can dramatically reduce your route time by as much as two hours a day, maybe more. Maintenance costs will nosedive, operating costs will plummet and profits will soar. The Python is the ultimate automated lift. You wouldn’t expect anything less from the automated technology leader. Low Maintenance: Cyclinders are precision-made exclusively for Heil by John Deere. Lift cylinders cushioned up and down. Greasable, low maintenance bearings. Precision machined bearing journals. Easy Operation: Air-over-hydraulic joystick controls standard. The standard AutoLoad system uses only the joystick and 2 buttons to reach, grab, lift, dump and return the arm to the stowed position. No electronic controls or devices required!. Operate-In-Gear-At-Idle. Continuous dumping with follower panel.
9-foot reach.
Capable of below level grade pickup.
1,250 lbs. lift capacity @ 2-6 feet, 625 lbs. at full reach.
6-8 second cycle time.
Smooth action directly to hopper.
3-inch progressive cushions on reach, lift, and grab cylinders.
Lids close when carts replaced.
Made from specially formulated high strength, low alloy steel.
Gears shown are after 1,000,000 cycles with no evidence of wear.
Gears are splined to grabber shafts.
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