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The biggest challenge with automated residential collection is how to handle those bulky items that won’t fit in the cart. Problem solved. The MultiPack™ is the world’s first automated collection vehicle with a rear loader tailgate. The combination of automated technology and rear loader convenience eliminates the need for special collection days for bulky items, reducing capital equipment costs as well as labor expense. The MultiPack™ can also be equipped with commercial container handling devices to pickup those occasional commercial cans along the way. The MultiPack™ not only incorporates two cricital functions, it does it with premium equipment. The automated lift is Heil’s new Python™ faster, smoother, more efficient and maintenance friendly than any other lift on the market. The tailgate is the venerable Heil Formula® 5000, with a 20-year proven track record and over 16,000 made. No surprises, just efficient dependable operation from a high compaction tailgate. Finally, it’s all mounted on the DuraPack™ Family body, our toughest body yet. With a fully welded subframe, single sheet body side, raised track system, and all high tensile steel construction, the DPF body is the perfect foundation for the ultimate collection vehicle. Python Lift: 9-foot reach. Capable of below level grade pickup. 1,250 lbs lift capacity @ 2-6 feet, 625 lbs at full reach. 6-8 second cycle time. Air-over-hydraulic joystick controls standard. The standard AutoLoad system uses only the joystick and 2 buttons to reach, grab, lift, dump and return the arm to the stowed position. No electronic controls or devices required! Operate-In-Gear-At-Idle. Smooth action directly to hopper. Lids close when carts replaced. Premium Components: Grabber gears housed in oil bath gearbox. Gears made from specially formulated high strength, low alloy steel. Gears shown are after 1,000,000 cycles with no evidence of wear. Gears are splined to grabber shafts. 3-inch progressive cushions on reach, lift, and grab cylinders.
A true one-man collection system.
Ideal transition vehicle for automated startups.
Ultimate back-up truck for operations with both automated and rear loader collection.
It may be the only truck you’ll ever need.
Sizes Available: 24 Cubic yards.
You may request a quote on the MultiPack™ by filling the form out below.
Company Name:
State:    Zipcode:
Body Size:
Body Options: Tri Cuff Grabber
Belt Grabbers
Outside Fender Mount Lift Controls
Arm Rest
Strobe Light
Hopper Work Light Kit
Camera System
Additional Six Month Extended Warranty
O.I.G.A.I Pump System
Cart Tipper
Chassis: Heil supplied chassis

Customer supplied chassis
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