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Retriever™ Satellite
Bigger isn’t always better. Some routes require special consideration – and a smaller truck – to get in and out efficiently. The Retriever™ Satellite is made for those special routes. Parks and recreation areas, gated communities, airports, beaches, tight alleys...they can all be a challenge for a full size refuse vehicle. And the Retriever™ Satellite is the perfect choice for each of these special challenges. The Retriever™ is a surprising performer when it comes to compaction, so you’ll make plenty of stops before it’s time to unload. When you do unload, you can transfer the load into a full size rear loader and keep the Retriever™ on the route where it belongs...making a nice profit. As an added bonus, the Retriever’s smaller chassis doesn’t require the operator to have a CDL, and the unit is FET exempt. Transfer Feature: Transfer payload into full size rear loader. Keeps Retriever™ on the route. Trash is metered into rear loader hopper for smooth, clean transfer. Self Closing Tailgate: Redesigned to close without manual assistance. Reinforced tailgate and leakproof seal.
Transfers payload into full size rear loader.
Payloads up to 900 lbs. per cubic yard with its “double packing” system.
New curved body shell.
Redesigned self-closing tailgate.
Easy to reach hydraulic components.
Load from either side, with dual hopper doors and controls on both sides of the body.
Can be equipped with cart tippers.
Sizes Available: 6, 10, 12, 14 Cubic yards.
You may request a quote on the Retriever™ Satellite by filling the form out below.
Company Name:
State:    Zipcode:
Body Size:
Body Options: Cart Dumper
Strobe Light
Camera System
Additional Six Month Warranty
Electric Shift PTO w/ Overspeed Control
Chassis: Heil supplied chassis

Customer supplied chassis
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