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STARR™ System
The STARR™ System is the industry’s only semi-trailer refuse collection system, and the most maneuverable full size collection vehicle in the world. The STARR can literally run circles around other “straight frame” trucks, going through cul-de-sacs with ease, and maneuvering in and out of tight spots without constant backing. Because of its maneuverability, the STARR™ is arguably the most productive refuse collection vehicle on the market today. But maneuverability is only part of the story. Because the STARR is a tractor and trailer configuration, trailers can be disconnected when full and the tractor simply hooked to an empty trailer so the operator can continue on his route. The trailer serves as a mini-transfer station in this way, and full trailers can be pulled as doubles to the landfill with non-route trucks. The STARR® loader is the proven Rapid Rail® system – fast, efficient and dependable, with an 8-foot reach and Operate-In-Gear-At-Idle hydraulics. The STARR™ System is revolutionizing the way refuse is collected in neighborhoods across the country, while solving the problem of ever increasing distances to landfills. Tractor-Trailer configuration. Gets in and out of tight spots without backing. 8-foot reach. Tri-Cuff grabber handles variety of container sizes. Detachable body. Route trucks don’t have to go to the landfill, saving wear and tear on chassis and loader assembly. Doubles can be pulled to landfill, cutting landfill trips in half.
Detachable body.
Bodies pulled in tandem to landfill.
Tractor-Trailer maneuverability.
8-foot reach.
1,600 lb. lift capacity.
8-second cycle time.
Continuous packing with unique paddle packer design.
Sizes Available: 33 and 37 Cubic yards.
You may request a quote on the STARR™ System by filling the form out below.
Company Name:
State:    Zipcode:
Body Size:
Body Options: 90/300 Gallon Grabber
90 Gallon Belt Grabber
Rear Buck Plate Add-On Kit to permit pulling of doubles
Master Coupler for Trailer Hydraulics, Electrical and Air Brakes
Strobe Light
Hopper/ Lift Work Light Kit
Camera System
Additional Six Month Warranty
O.I.G.A.I. Pump System
Chassis: Heil supplied chassis

Customer supplied chassis
security code
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