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TIEger - Auto Tie Balers
TIEger Series open-end auto-tie balers have features not found on other auto-tie balers. The patented gear twister (Patent No. 7,389,724) is the most exciting technology to hit the baler industry. This tier uses highly efficient gear twisters, which means there are no twister hooks and NO pigtails. This amounts to more than a 10% reduction in wire consumption and related costs! The significant amount saved can typically justify the purchase of a TIEger baler. The gear twisters along with the adjustable hydraulic wire positioners and adjustable needle positioners make this tier the most reliable on the market.
Gear Driven twister/tier produces a knot with NO pigtail, which saves more than 10% in wire consumption and related costs. Twisters and needles are hydraulically driven.
Hydraulic wire positioners precisely align the tie wires for pick-up by the inserter needles making the TIEger the most reliable tier on the market.
Single cylinder bale tensioning system with linkage bars provides up to 400 tons of tension force! Linkage bars apply pressure on all 4 sides.
460V / 3-Phase / 60 Hz High efficiency power units up to 150HP and many dual motor units are available.
Other Features include: UL & CUL listed control systems; Lockable main circuit breaker; Low oil shutdown switch; High oil temperature shutdown switch; Oil shut-off valve; Quiet running pumping system; Electrically actuated regen hydraulic system; Current and pressure transducers are standardAir-to-Oil cooler; 150 to 600 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir (up to 200 gallons shipped with unit).
Adjustable wire positioners, and adjustable inserter needle positioners.
Spring loaded retainer locks.
Wear resistant, replaceable Nylatron liners on the ram sides; 500 Brinell steel liners on the floor and ram bottom.
Oversized ram hold-down bars are adjustable from the exterior of the machine.
Spring loaded bale counter wheel, located on the side of the baler, sends a digital reading to the operator interface.
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