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Vertical Balers
NEXGEN High Density Vertical Balers feature many innovations for ease of use and maintenance friendly access. Features such as the side-mounted power unit with submerged motor and pump, front facing panel box, redundant feed gate interlock system, all add up to a reliable baler for years of trouble-free recycling. The Smart Relay adds safety features, easy setup, and diagnostic capabilities to your baler. The motor and pump are submerged in the hydraulic fluid tank which offers much quieter operation.

Your baler can also be equipped with optional features that add even more efficiency and ease of use: Automatic bale ejector that activates when the door is opened; Wire Guides eliminate the need to go behind the baler for a complete front tie-off system; a Bale Made Light illuminates when a bale is made to notify the operator when it is time to eject the bale; an optional lockable electrical disconnect can be added for local Lock-Out/Tag-Out.
The side-mounted, self-contained power unit is convenient for maintenance and servicing. The pump with 10 HP motor is submerged in the hydraulic oil tank for quiet and efficient running operation while producing 62,200 lbs. of force.
Automatic feed gate that opens at the end of each cycle as the platen is retracted for "hands free" loading.
Redundant interlock system that works with the gate latch for added safety redundancy.
Platen features replaceable Nylatron wear pads and extra long bearing surfaces. It also has a cable harness for added safety.
The Smart Relay adds safety features, easy setup, and diagnostic capabilities to your baler. The programmable "Smart" Relay control system also disables the baler if an attempt to override the interlocks is made.
Standard controls: Keylock On/Off Auto Cycle switch, Emergency Stop button, and Platen Raise/Lower switch. A baler ready light indicates the baler is operational.
The standard chain bale ejector is manually set after the bale door is opened.
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