The surprisingly affordable PT 1000 from Heil will change your thinking about rear loader performance. Beneath its restyled and sleek exterior, the PT 1000 is a no-nonsense machine that will outperform anything else in its class – with cycle times and packing forces that take full advantage of Heil’s experience in high pressure hydraulics and lighter weight, high tensile steel construction. The three cubic yard hopper will handle just about anything you’re likely to face on those residential routes, and the 15-second cycle time means you’ll get it done quicker. It adds up to faster loading, better payloads, and less time on the route. And that translates into lower operating costs and more profit to your bottom line. Heil invented its first rear loaders more than six decades ago...and we continue to invent them better, make them with greater precision, and support them with more conviction than any other manufacturer.

Best of all, the new breed of Heil rear loaders are more affordable than ever. It’s why more haulers go to work with Heil every day than any other brand. The PT 1000’s three cubic yard hopper and 15 second cycle time put it in a class by itself when it comes to performance in a mid-priced rear loader. With payloads up to 1,000 pounds per yard...well, class is adjourned. When it comes to toughness, heavier isn’t always better. Heil has long known that high tensile steels perform better over the long run, allowing steel to give before it cracks or breaks. This simple concept keeps Heil refuse bodies on the job long after others have given up. PT 1000 carries on that tradition.