No one has more experience with automated refuse collection than Heil, and no product has a longer track record than Heil’s Rapid Rail automated side loader. More than 30 years after its introduction, the Rapid Rail continues to be the standard to which all other garbage trucks are compared. And it’s no wonder. Rapid Rail’s lengthy reach, fast cycle times, continuous packing, and solid structural design make it a highly productive and efficient choice for automated collection for large and small refuse collection fleets alike.

Our unique lift geometry provides a direct line to the hopper, without the “kick-out” of some other systems, so the Rapid Rail side loader can pick up where other vehicles can’t. Add to that an 8-foot reach, a 1,600-pound lift capacity, and an 8-second cycle time, and you’ve got a fast and efficient vehicle that can collect trash from over 1,000 homes per day.

The Rapid Rail’s patented paddle packer continuously sweeps the 3 cubic yard hopper, boosting productivity because the operator does not have to pause between stops to activate the packer. Instead, the operator can continue to collect his route while the paddle packer cleans the hopper. The continuous packer design also provides added driver convenience because the operator doesn’t have to clean behind the packer blade.