When it comes to garbage trucks, bigger isn't always better.

For parks and recreation areas, airports, tight alleys, gated communities, zoos, beaches, and other routes where a full-size refuse collection vehicle just won’t fit, Heil’s Retriever™ Satellite side loader gets the job done.

Available in 6 and 10 cubic yard models, the Retriever’s small size and exceptional maneuverability lets it move in and out of tricky areas quickly. The smaller chassis means it is exempt from Federal Excise Tax (FET), providing non-municipal customers the equivalent of a 12 percent savings.

The Retriever Satellite side loader is also easy to operate, with no Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) required. This makes it a great choice for collecting missed stops, operation by park personnel, and managing trash pickups on beach properties where a CDL operator may not be available. It is also versatile to use as a fleet back-up truck.

The Retriever’s unique double-packing system delivers compaction rates up to 700 pounds per cubic yard with a cycle time of just 14 to 16 seconds. Once the refuse body is full, there’s no need to travel all the way to the disposal site. Simply unload the payload into a full-sized rear loader using the Retriever’s optional patented transfer system.

The Retriever’s curved body shell resists corrosion and makes decal application easy, keeping it looking great longer than other designs. The floor is made of high-tensile steel to stand up against the toughest trash. The roof is designed with an arch so water rolls right off, eliminating potential rust areas to provide longer life.