HalfPack Sierra

At 16,700 lbs (16% lighter than our standard Half/Pack), the Sierra front end loader is a midweight solution for commercial and residential routes that can carry more than 10 tons of legal payload in its 28 yd3 hopper. In response to requests from our customers in the Western United States, where weight requirements are more stringent, we offer the Half/Pack Sierra. It includes all the features and benefits of our popular Half/Pack model in a body that weighs 16-percent less.

To build this lighter-weight model, we used sophisticated, high-strength steels to make key components lighter without sacrificing strength, durability, or performance. The result is a 28-cubic yard front loader that weighs just 16,700 lbs. vs. 19,300 lbs. for the same size standard Half/Pack. The Half/Pack Sierra boasts a packer cycle time of 22 to 26 seconds and an arm cycle time of 18 to 20 seconds, and can contain 10 tons of payload without being overweight.

Large and overfilled commercial containers are no match for the Half/Pack Sierra’s 12-cubic yard front load hopper, the largest and lightest in the industry. Plus, it’s the only refuse collection vehicle available with double-wall sides made of 145,000 psi steel plates for the durability needed to protect against punctures and protrusions that can lead to corrosion. A curved top door seals the hopper opening to prevent blowing debris and provide an overall lower body height. The Half/Pack Sierra can also be fitted with a carry can for residential collection.